Thursday, September 22, 2011


To all of you who want to workout but can't get their brain to make their feet move! Here's a little encouragement!  Exercise is a LiMoBliss (in my case, Zumba).  Do try it at home!


  1. Oh, Moni, so funny! This has been -totally-my LiMoBliss of the day!! I'm so afraid of anything that has to do with surgery and I am so in favour of "sudar el jamón" dancing like crazy ;)

  2. ME encantó!!!!! It´s great that NIke has risked in doing this kind of publicity. I definitely vote for "sudando el jamón" ...QUIERO SUDAR EL JAMÓN please...jajaja. Let´s not be so lazy, potatoe couches jajajaj....PURO MENEO. Also...women are meant to be CARNOSAS, CURVILÍNEAS Y PULPOSAS JAJAJAJAJ. VIVA LA FEMINIDAD. THIS IS MY LIMOBLISS OF THIS WEEK!!! I´ve had it with squeletical bodies.