Friday, September 23, 2011


Hey everyone! there are a few days left of the LiMoBliss competition! I have received some brilliant photographs of moments of happiness. If you still want to participate but don't know what to submit, here is another idea (my very own LiMoBliss) plus a little poem.
Coffee makes me happy!  Not only am I a proud Colombian, but there is something about a warm cup of coffee that is just so relaxing and cosy.  I have been taking photos of the coffees I've drank for the past couple of weeks. I will continue to do so and update you later.  For now, have a look!

Join and share a minute spare
it works like this: a LiMoBliss
can be a photo, painting drawing
it's really easy so get going.
A coffee cup, a funny thing
a holiday, a diamond ring.
a special someone, Mr right
a little gift after a fight.
Something you've made
or worn or bought 
a film, a book, a meal a thought!

The prize is a beautiful print by designer Ximena Escobar, just click here to enter the competition. All you need to do is attach your entry to an email.  Have a lovely weekend!  Love Moni!

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