Thursday, September 8, 2011

*Make a Stranger Laugh*

Sometimes when you're feeling grumpy, a stranger is the only one who can make you smile.  I find that a smile, like a yawn is contagious, that's why when I bumped into this initiative last week I absolutely loved it!
Created by Emma Patterson and Chris Cape, the aim is to change the mood In grumpy London on the first Week of October.  It is simple, all you have to do it make a stranger smile.  How? Any way you can think of, document it if you can and send it.  Hopefully it will create a ripple effect of grins to last till next year.  Visit their website for more information.  For now here is a little video of the basic idea.  Enjoy it, join in, and make a stranger smile... maybe two.

*If you're not in London and want to take part, why not post some ideas on how to make strangers laugh on the comment section?

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