Monday, September 5, 2011


I love the feeling of sinking into a book so much that it accompanies you and meanders in your thoughts as a part of your daily life.  Finding a book you love is a definite LiMoBliss.  I have recently had the time to do a lot of reading and have found some amazing stories.
Today I would love to recommend "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett.   This is a wonderful story about African American Maids in Mississippi in the 1960's.  It narrates a plan created by a courageous woman to tell "the help's" point of view through a book.  It is witty, real, funny and so authentic.  I completely recommend that you read it as it guarantees loads of LiMoBliss.  It has been adapted to a film which will premier in the UK in October.  So get reading because you know that the book is almost always better than the film!
Have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. I loooooooooved this book and the movie is coming up soon!
    Moni, me encanta tu blog :D me alegra el dia...