Monday, September 12, 2011


Art!  So much more than the movement of a hand holding a pencil, brush, colour.  Art expresses feelings, enhances beauty and translates imagination.  For all of you who do it, Art is a massive LiMoBliss!
This is the work of my favourite artist,  Elodie!
She is from France and does work all over the world. Her illustrations are absolutely gorgeous!  You HAVE to get your portrait done by her, they are so beautiful and cool. She's also had her illustrations made into brilliant stationary and accesories

I would love to say thanks to Elodie for giving me a massive LiMoBliss and answering my first interview for LiMoBliss, nothing better than a talented and genuinely nice person.

I was really lucky to get one of her prints as a birthday present which is now the main attraction at the LiMoBliss headquarters. 

"Sexy Mo" by Elodie

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