Monday, September 26, 2011


Hello! Did you have a good weekend?  Today's LiMoBliss is a trip down memory lane! Did you grow up in the 80's?  I did, do you remember all the cool toys you had?  Here's a little challenge.  Have a look at the video to see how many of these toys you remember or owned.  I actually counted more than 20! (thanks mum and dad!! ) If you were born in the 90's or later, enjoy making fun of our toys!

1 comment:

  1. I love them all. A lot of them I had such as the trolls, little pony and others. I also think the 80´s was one of the greatest times in toy making. I´m still waiting for my silly putty, nintendo game and cabage pach do. I would also have to give big thanks to my bigger cousins because without them I wouldn´t of gotten rainbowbright, slinky and the wonderful view master. Ohh gosh how I desired that cooking oven. Thanks for reminding me of these cherished, blissed moments of life.