Thursday, September 20, 2012

*Doodle, Make, Give*

I'm back after a long break full of LiMoBliss! Sorry about the lack of updates.

Today I want to share a wonderful event I was invited to participate in.
The Designer Charity Doodle Wall, hosted by the super talented and lovely designer Rachael Taylor, is a freehand drawing space sponsored by that took place at Rachael's stand during, Top Drawer this week. The best thing about this doodle adventure is that it was a collaboration between lots of talented designers. The final product will be scanned and made into a wallpaper that will be sold with all proceeds going to Cancer Research UK. How fab is that? I love drawing, and doing it for this cause was a definite LiMoBliss.
There is still time to donate if you would like to be a part of this project! Just Click Here.

I had the pleasure of sharing the wall on the day with major talent like the lovely Louise Gale, and my fabulous sister Ximena Escobar.  I loved that there was a real collaboration with no egos, just people who love to draw having fun. Here are some pics from the day!  Enjoy.

Here I am doodling away!

Rachael and Ximena

There was space for everyone

Take a sec to look at Rachael's gorgeous wallpapers

This reminds me of the blackboard we had in our room as kids, she was that much
 taller than me then!

My flower

Louise did a fab job at starting the Doodle Wall, her designs are beautiful.