Monday, October 24, 2011

*Seeing Stars*

Debs: guest posting whilst Moni collects some more LimoBliss in the Big Apple.

Two men looked through Prison Bars. One saw mud the other saw stars.  

My mother used to say that to me. I have never researched it, so perhaps other mother's say that to their children too.  If I am honest I see an awful lot of Mud. Whereas my friend Moni sees a lot of Stars (was she wise to let me loose here?) Sometimes late into my starless nights I consider this, is the ability to seek out stars something innate within us? Are some people just naturally more positive or is it something we have to work at?

Even a mud wallower like myself can enjoy a LiMobliss every now and again, and I love to be reminded of all the tiny beautiful things that can make us smile, so I want to say a big THANK YOU to Moni for sharing her stars with us.

It is not all just grime and omska looking at things this way.  On occasion deep in the mud you find something which shines. Like flying after toast.

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