Thursday, October 6, 2011


Here is one of my first Childhood LiMoBliss:
I must have been about 6, my primary school was a beautiful place, surrounded by green grass.  It was a warm place, so much that my classroom only had 3 walls, the space where the fourth one should've been gave us a view!  My school was also great because we had rabbits and guinea pigs running around wild (I was 6 so this might have been a bit more contained).  These general pets were also weekend pets for anyone who wanted to adopt them and take care of them during the weekend.
After months of begging my mum to let me look after a bunny, she finally did! This is where the perfectly clear and sharp memory of one of my first conscious LiMoBlisses comes in.  I remember being sat on the bus home, legs too short to reach the floor swinging with excitement.  On my lap a gigantic cage and inside my very own bunny Overoles (Spanish for overalls, as he was white with some black fur that simulated the garment).  I still feel extremely happy and excited when I remember this scene!  I don't remember much more about the weekend apart from the fact that Overoles ate a bunch of my mum's plants in the garden and she hated him and being shocked when some man grabbed him by the ears to get him away from the flowers :)
I love it, I loved Overoles!

Do you have any memory like this old or new that you consider a LiMoBliss?  Please share it as a comment!  I would love to hear it.

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