Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Home is home is home is home! When you are far away, thinking of it brings a bit of nostalgia.  It's not a bad thing though, missing a place usually makes you happy to belong there.
So here is a little tribute to my home, the beautiful, joyful, loud, colourful, fun, crazy, tasty, natural, alive COLOMBIA!
Here are some pics of what I love and miss the most about it.  Every Colombian has a travel agent in them so this is also my pitch to convince you all about visiting! Everybody is welcome, no visas required.

Amazing wild life in the wild

Outdoor Spaces


Lively characters!

Colour is everywhere


 Optimistic Patriotism

Unbelievable natural treasures 

Fresh Fruit

Sundown between mountains

Warm sea, paradise beaches

Flowers for everyone

I heart Colombia

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