Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hello You!
I'm one of those lucky people who volunteered to help Moni in Keeping her blog alive while she's having great adventures somewhere far away. 
The last time I met her in person was in 2005, and last time when I chatted with her... a long time ago, too long. But I've been silently reading this blog for some time, and I can still see the same happy person whom I met in Canada. And because she's making me (and perhaps many others) smile every once in now and then with this blog, I decided to help her a little to show my support. I had no idea what I was going to write, but then I got the idea of connecting the little and big moments together, ina strange way that happened to me.

I spent this summer studying in the US, and I had time of my life. I met great people, had many great 
conversations and experienced many unexpected adventures. I was able to enjoy every moment of the summer and I felt that I had courage that didn't exist before. I tried new things and stepped out from my comfortable zone, and I was happy. What was the reason for this new behavior? Little moment, that happened week before I left for my study abroad. I was in a party, chatting with a school mate. I can't remember what we talked about, but when it was time to go home for me, I remember wishing him a nice summer, when he replied "You too. Don't be shy."

Don't be shy. For some weird reason, I can still remember that moment and those words very well. They carried me through the whole summer, reminding me of the limited time and all the opportunities that I'm offered so often and many times I agreed to try new things by thinking of those words. When I returned back to Finland and met this friend again, I thanked him for giving me such a good piece of advice. He didn't remember saying anything. For him it was just something that came into his mind, and for me it was very special moment. Little moment of bliss, that ended up being little bit longer moment of bliss, accidentally. Sometimes the smallest things become very important, and sometimes we don't even realize the power of our own actions.

Moni, I hope you are enjoying your trip to New York, not being shy! I enjoyed writing this blog post, and I hope that you keep inspiring people also in the future! Love Linda.

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