Thursday, January 12, 2012


Happy New Year!!  LiMoBliss is BACK!!  I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas (If you celebrate it).
2012 is looking bright and lucky!  Whether you made new years resolutions or not, just make sure to acknowledge the LiMoBliss in your daily life! I'm hoping to hear from a lot more of you on 2012, don't be shy, share your photos, stories and little moments that have made you smile!
So far the highlight of the new year for me has been the 3 books I've managed to read in 12 days! reading is such a simple pleasure.  I'm craving for a new good book! Any ideas?
For now, I leave you with this video!

P.S. do you like our subtle makeover?


  1. Loved the video!! Justo hace unos días estábamos hablando de esto, del placer de leer y de los libros que tengo en fila para leer. De navidad me regalo Ricky a new Kindle, sé que no es lo mismo que tener el peso de un libro en las manos, su olor y pasar una hoja, pero me permite tener muuuchos libros en mi apartamento tan pequeño.
    Welcome back LimoBliss, I have missed you!!

  2. A quick question, I bought two cook books, cakes and cupcakes of course, and got 100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know for Christmas, I sat down and read them, one of my work friends said it was weird, is it weird, reading a cook book and loving it?

  3. oh no, in my opinion cook books are mainly to look at, I'd rather get inspired than follow a recipe.