Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I Love art, making it, seeing it, talking about it.  I love impressionism and my all time favourite piece is the Little Dancer sculpture by Degas.
Two weeks ago while in New York, my friend and I went to The Met Museum.  Such a massive and extraordinary place.  We had no plan so we walked and walked and in one of the beautiful rooms, standing in the middle, upright and delicately graceful, there she was!
I was so excited! I didn't know that she would be there and it was the second time I had randomly ran into her (a few years earlier at the TATE Modern in London.)
A true LiMoBliss!  I needed to share this with you because I love this sculpture so much and we seem to run into each other!  Does something like that keep happening to you too!  I'd like to call it Serendipity!

When Moni met Little Dancer again

There's still time to join the competition! 

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