Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Raise your hand if you love to travel!!
I do, it is definitely something that gives me non stop LiMoBliss.  There is something about being somewhere different, new, fresh that lifts your spirit and gives you a sense of freedom that can only be translated as happiness.
I found this short online and during it's 1 minute of duration I experienced that feeling of excitement that makes you think that word is a wonderful place.
Created by Australian filmmaker Rick Mereki, this beautiful video, takes place in 11 countries.  I love the music, the rhythm and the fact that he is smiling in every single shot!  Please have a look at Rick's website and  check out his other shorts, Learn and Eat, they are LiMoBliss of their own.  Have a lovely day, Love Moni!


  1. Me encanto!!! (ademas esta un papasito ;)) me dieron mucha muchas ganas de viajar otra vez... gracias

  2. it also helps that he is handsome. Gee I was just appreciating a bit of beauty!