Thursday, December 1, 2011


Well, It's official! December is here!  Those of you who have been dreading it better get your smiles on because it's Christmas time and that means a double dose of LiMoBlisses!

I want to tell you the story of my christmas tree! I bought my very own real tree last year! Tiny but very cute.  After the season was over I planted it in the garden and YES a year later it's still alive, repotted and about 5cm taller (aawwe I know!).
It's scruffy and uneven and if you hang anything on it,  it falls! I love it!
How cool would it be if I kept on planting it every year and it grew to be a big pine? Too exciting.

Here are a picture of it last year and a current one! Enjoy and don't miss LiMoBliss this month, it is going to be FAB!!

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  1. No se por qué me había perdido de algunos posts, pero este me encanto!!! Cuando vi el antes y el ahora, I ohhh ahhhh over the picture. Espero que te dure muchísimos años más!!!!